Gluten free cake I made for Ava

Birthday Girl

pool safe 😉

Birthday hat

slooowwwly digging in

tired baby

Daddy’s present for Ava

… and she likes her new fishy
saying hello to friend Christian

her first gift was a box of tissues

oh the fun you can have with tissues

Hang’n with Grandma

Ava’s birthday party went really well it was at 12 in the afternoon at a friends house who was gracious enough to let us use their facilities.  🙂  We swam and ate bbq chicken, and swam some more.  Ava was pretty tired when she was put in front of her cake, so she wasn’t all that into it, but most the fun for me was actually making the cake for her, I really enjoyed doing that.  A friend brought some sail boats, so as the afternoon went on, we went sailing,  and didn’t really start cleaning up until it started to storm.  It was a good day, and I’m so glad we have friends and family to celebrate our little girl with us.
  People are starting to refer to my baby girl as a toddler, and it’s hard for me to grasp that, to me she’s still just a BIG baby… 🙂   I think she’ll be more of a toddler when she’s walking, but that’s just my opinion.