Making Bagels:

I need to write some of my own steps here for you because there are so many, and I don’t want you to be confused, but also, I’m not going to lie, it feels like there are a hundred steps to making bagels, I combined a couple recipes to make the perfect bagels, those being the smitten kitchen bagels and a random person’s recipe.

#1.  Some really important ingredients here are Vital Wheat Gluten and malt syrup (this is what I used)
     ~For every cup of flour you combine 1 Tablespoon Vital Wheat gluten to give it that chewy texture.

#2.  I followed all the steps in smitten kitchen’s recipe (but did blueberries instead) up until the boiling and baking of the bagels.  Instead of doing all cups white high gluten bread flour, I exchanged 3 cups whole wheat pastry flour, and half cup flax seed, and it turned out wonderful.  I added a Tablespoon of malt syrup to the boiling water, and I followed random girl’s idea about using a stone to bake on and using a pizza peel to slide the bagels on and off… oh I also put water in a cast iron pan in the oven as well to create the burst of steam in the oven. I made everything bagels, and blueberry bagels.  For the first 5 minutes you bake them at 500 for 5 min, and turn the oven down to 450 turn the pan 180 degrees, and bake 5 more minutes.  Also… I boiled the bagels 1 min on each side, and that seemed to be perfect.  Good luck!


everything (sesame seeds, onion, garlic, poppy seeds)
A couple other things I have made lately that were exceptionally tasty:

Deep dish quiche that I put into 2 pans using a whole wheat crust of course, using butter instead of shortening, tastier, and healthier.

Caramel Apple Sticky Buns, and of course I used half whole wheat, and some flax seed… yum! We had these for desert after the tasty quiche

 Chocolate chip Bread pudding is the bomb!  I’m pretty sure bread pudding can’t get any better than this

finish it off with some whipped cream, lightly or no sweetening