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 Sorry that I have been failing on my weekly updates, here we have both 15 and 16 weeks of pregnancy… very soon here I will be posting my 17th week picture.  There was a few things for me to share with you, so enjoy as you scroll down to see.  🙂

15 weeks

16 weeks

Our visit to the zoo

Exciting things to see

  A couple weekends ago we took a trip to the zoo since I had never been here in Brevard county, and Ava had not been at all,  We heard a rumor that it was $2.00 for the month of September for Brevard county residents, so we decided to go, when we got there we learned that was only good on Tuesdays… so, bummed out I was ready to leave, and TJ said NO!  We’re staying!  So we spent our $27.00 and went to the zoo, and enjoyed ourselves.  The truth is that we would never go as a family on a Tuesday anyway because TJ works, so I guess it worked out ok… it ends up just being money right?

Daddy let Ava run loose with the hose

 This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to a Women of Joy conference with many ladies in my church.  I originally wasn’t going to go because Ava was still breast feeding, but as of last week she’s all done with that…. 🙂 yay for me.  Also I didn’t really have the money.  Last minute someone couldn’t come because they were sick, and I was offered her spot for free, which was such a blessing.  So TJ had Ava all weekend, they did things… daddy style.  They were outside, and he handed her the hose to do what she desired, and she did!  🙂

This baby couldn’t be happier
She LOVES water!

My favorite

All done

It’s hard to see, but this is Kay Aurther
Casting Crowns

 I was so glad that I got to go to this conference… especially with the crazy special women in my church.  I think there were 16 that went and I was honored to get to know them a little better, even if it was in ways I didn’t necessarily want to… such as loud snoring and such :).  God has different ways of making us more flexible doesn’t he? 
There was some really good speakers, and I was definitely encouraged in some areas.  There was a woman who spoke, who was hilarious, I really enjoyed laughing.  Kay Arther had some good challenges, and just the way that she serves God was a challenge.  I left having an even stronger desire to get into God’s word every day  While I  was there God convicted me to speak a specific word to someone, that is always kind of hard, but a good reminder that I am only a tool of the Lord’s.  My life belongs to him, and I desire for him to use me in the way that he wants to.  I was definitely blessed on this trip, and am so thankful for God’s provisions.