18 weeks

Hi… I know it’s been a little while.  In these pictures, I’m 18 weeks, but tomorrow (wednesday)  I will be 19 weeks,  I am not doing so good at updating… oh well!
This past weekend TJ, Ava and I took a little boat out for a ride to Cocoa village which was quite the ride from our dock in an aluminum boat… but hey, that’s what adventure is all about.  We got some coffee, and food, then TJ decided to take the boat back as quick as he could because the wind was picking up, and it was going to be a difficult ride for all of us, so Ava and I stayed in Cocoa village for a couple hours by ourselves, we enjoyed the park, playing on the swings, she didn’t have her bathing suit, but I did have sun screen, so I let her take all her clothes off, lathered her in sunscreen, and  let her play in the fountain (a place where children are meant to play 🙂  once she was done with that she ran around in the grass for a while, then kept gravitating towards this specific family enjoying themselves under a tree in the grass… she finally just walked up to them and plopped herself down right in the middle of their blanket started eating their pretzels, all of their kids kept giving her more, pretty soon she had about 10 in her mouth…  no fear, she wanted to just hang out with these random people.. our new friends.  🙂   It ended up being really nice, because it took TJ a really long time to get back to us, so I got to know these people pretty well, they were  believers, and attend a Calvary Chapel not too far from us.  The main lady that I was talking to was glad I asked them where they were at spiritually because she normally likes to ask other people about their spiritual walk.  Anyway, God has a way of taking care of us, and I was definitely encouraged by these friendly strangers.  🙂

Next Wednesday TJ and I are heading to California… for an exciting event, my oldest brother Bobby is getting married to the love of his life Sarah Norris… soon to be Griffith, it is going to be a wonderful celebration of two people who love the Lord, and I really can’t wait!  🙂

As far as this baby inside me goes… everything seems to be going well, I’m feeling pretty good these days, there’s the occasional episodes of puking, but that’s only natural.  I have started to really feel this baby move a lot, and that has been so fun, and is always a good reminder that there is a little one growing inside me.  TJ and I don’t know for sure if we want to find out the sex or not, let me rephrase that, I want to find out, and TJ doesn’t… so we haven’t decided.  I am almost positive it’s a boy for some reason, so I kind of just want to validate that feeling, but we’ll see.  🙂
Ava has been walking around sooooo good, it crazy how much she has grown, she is jibberjabbering a lot right now, and has come up with some pretty cool new sounds, so it’s always fun to listen to her.  She has a small vocabulary, including:  Hi, Bu-bye, mama, daddy, Thank you (Tay-ndtu) yes, (ei with a nod) no (doe, with a head shake), ball ( baa)  book (boo), cat, baby… and I think that’s all for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if her vocabulary starts growing at a more rapid pace.