I’m not good at putting these out on time, but these are my 36 week photos taken with our new Olympus Pen… we recently used some Christmas money given to us to buy ourselves this nifty new camera, we are still learning, but definitely love our new camera!

As you know this has been sort of a busy week, last Thursday my sister in law Cherie gave birth to her little baby boy Judah, what a good experience it was to be there for that… for more details you can read the blog below  :). 
When I got back from helping with the labor and birth my baby Ava was sick and had a high fever, which I thought would only last a couple days, but she has held on to that fever up until today, which every day till now has been Ava spending most of her time just laying on the couch, taking double the naps, and eating the minimum (but still drinking a lot, so that was good).  I think it came to a climax last night.  The first time she woke up we gave her a piece of toast and some (almond) milk,  an hour later she woke up crying about 3 am, next thing we know she’s throwing up every where… which she ended up doing again.  TJ went to get some pedialite, bless his heart at 4 in the morning, then stayed with her in and out of sleep on the couch till 6:30, then put her into bed, and she slept till about 8:30.  She now has a normal temperature, is desiring to eat and drink, and is actually voluntarily climbing off the couch to walk around which she hasn’t done once in the past 4 days.  She’s taking a nap as we speak (write?) and I would say we are on the uphill swing, which is SOOO good, because I really hate it when my baby is sick!

So as for me and this stage of pregnancy, I am feeling very pregnant, lots of braxton hicks, and my belly is just feeling quite heavy.  It’s getting harder to breath as this baby is crowding my space, but more than all that the ribs in my back have really been hurting, which also contributes to the difficulty of taking deep breaths, so I’m feeling sort of worried about that combined with being in labor, but hopefully I’ll be seeing someone about that very soon.  This is kind of an odd stage for me because I gave birth to Ava at 37 weeks… that would be THIS THURSDAY with this baby, I don’t quite feel ready for that!  I think that I’m going to go farther in gestation with this baby… I don’t know why I just do, but I guess only God knows, so just be praying for me if you would I am a little nervous to do this whole labor thing again, it was so much work last time, but I know God is faithful, and I need to continually put my trust in Him.