37 Weeks

So… I’m 37 weeks, I gave birth to Ava on the 37 week mark, but my due date was a little iffy with her so I think I may have been 38 weeks… anyway  I am now in the stage where I’m really wondering when this baby is going to come.  I can feel the baby is getting lower and lower… and by that I mean I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before.  For about a week and a half now I have been taking ‘evening primrose oil’ morning and evening, and drinking about 3 cups of red raspberry leaf tea a day to get my body ready for this labor business.  My midwife has checked me internally twice now, and says I’m making progress as far as the softening of my cervix goes, apparently it’s like jello in there right now (sorry for those of you who didn’t want to know that).  We are getting things ready, the car seat is in the car, and Ava’s bag is packed, I’m still working on mine, but we’ll get there.  This week we bought some plastic drawers to store a few of the baby’s clothes in.  If it’s a boy we still don’t have a name, but we haven’t given up  :).

somebody got stickers at the grocery store
Daddy gave his baby a chunk of ice

So Ava is finally better… she was sick as you know, her fever broke, and she seemed to be acting normal at first, but then she just wouldn’t snap out of this weird funk she was in.  She wouldn’t get off the couch, just wanted to lay there, she was afraid to walk around because she had horrible balance, and she had the worst attitude which made disciplining her really emotionally hard and draining.  By Wednesday we decided to go the doctor to see what was up because I was starting to get really worried.  Apparently Ava had fluid in her ears,  which made her very irritable, and had everything to do with her balance, which makes sense why she got so frustrated every time she tried to walk around.  We’ve been giving her medicated ear drops for 5 days now, and she’s doing great!  I’m so grateful to have my sweet girl back to her spunky self!

Fingers getting a little cold

Taking a nap together  🙂

Today we did a presentation in church about what the next step is for TJ and I concerning our mission work and training with New Tribes.  We reminded them what New Tribes Mission is and what we plan on doing (in a general sense) as New Tribes Missionaries.  We told them that we are planning on going to the Missionary Training Center this fall, and what that entails.  We shared with them what kind of classes we will be taking, how much money we’ve saved, how much money we still need, and how they can be apart of supporting us (as individuals) if they feel burdened  to do so.  We were recently informed that our church as a whole will be supporting us while we are in school which is such a blessing!  If you could please be praying for us as we prepare to make this next step in our lives we would appreciate that, as we will be getting rid of most of our stuff, taking our two kids and moving to Missouri!