38 weeks

Ava wasn’t cooperating for these pics, but I sure do love her!

TJ did a little photo shoot with me to capture some preggo pics before it’s too late, besides we just got this new camera and are begging for more reasons to test it out.
Because I had Ava at 37/38 weeks I am officially feeling a little antsy as to when I’m really going to have this baby… of course I think it’s time, but WHO am I right?!  At my last appointment on Thursday, she said my baby was REALLY low (which I can obviously feel) and that everything is super soft in there… getting ready to GO! Because I’m feeling so impatient, I’m probably not going to have this baby until after my due date… blah!  Who knows… my bags are packed, and I feel much more ready, why a person would actually desire to go into labor I don’t know, I guess it’s to meet this little person huh?  If I remember correctly the whole experience wasn’t much to be desired accept for the part where I got to meet my little love, Ava.  We still don’t have a boy name, I have been so convinced that this baby is a boy, but maybe we don’t have a boy name because really it’s a girl, this is the point where I’m doubting myself… obviously, anyway I’m going to stop rambling.  I really am looking forward to meeting this little one!  Praying for a safe and gentle delivery as well as a healthy strong baby.

Ava’s mischievous look (20 months old)

On Saturday, we went to one of TJ’s old friend’s wedding reception.  They had a small wedding at the hospital so that her (Emily) father could be there, and then a reception for friends and family at their house afterward.  Ava loved dancing and getting as close to the pool as possible.  Lately I feel like she’s just getting so big, her vocabulary, her expressions, her HAIR is getting so long… and my love for her grows every day as well, it’s crazy to think I could love another little being this much, soon enough I will know what it’s like to love two of these little munchkins this much

my  baby’s curls are getting longer

waiting for the bridal party to enter

The bride and groom (Emily and Kevin)

We were listening to the toast from behind… hehe
Hang’n out with my sweet girl

Her laugh is one of my favorite sounds  🙂

Ava’s cousin Levi and Uncle Kyle

TJ’s childhood friend Chris McCartney (who’s sister got married)