Ava’s birthday party was GRAND… in my humble opinion  :).  Her birthday was on a Thursday (June 14th), but we didn’t do her birthday party until Saturday.  This year I decided to do a morning party because, well… children are generally more happy on a morning than afternoon.  The whole day was very fun for Ava and in turn was very fun for me.  We had been telling her about the party, so she was looking forward to it.  The night before we got her  a bouquet of balloons to play with one of them being a butterfly, she loves balloons!  On the morning of I dressed her up pretty cuz she’s a girl and she should be pretty  :).  Ava began to get more and more excited as guests arrived, it was so fun to watch.  We invited all Ava’s little cousins (on TJ’s side), her Aunts and Uncles, and a few friends.  We all started off the morning with french toast, bacon, fruit and coffee.  After everyone finished, we gathered around as Ava opened her presents.  I didn’t expect Ava to respond the way she did with the gifts,  it was fun for me to watch her be excited with every gift that she opened, even ones with clothes and shoes  :).  After gifts, everyone went outside to enjoy the kiddy pool and sprinklers… which of course she also LOVED and so did everyone else.  Since it was AVA’s birthday I couldn’t resist making a cake, so after a while we busted that out… she even blew out the candles, and everyone cheered.  It seemed to be a very enjoyable morning for all,  and I’m so thankful for Ava and the joy she has brought to my life.  I am learning so much being her mother, she is testing my patience constantly, and in that she is helping to build my character as I am trying to help her build her own character.  I hope and pray that my girls will grow up to be Godly women who love the Lord with all their hearts.

I Love you Ava,  Happy 2nd Birthday!