I am sitting here at my in laws house, this is the last time of hanging out together for a while.  We have had to say goodbye to different people in the last week… this is the hard part!  Last night TJ and I sat in our house and reminisced about our beginnings in this house.  We started our marriage here, our family here, learned how to to fight, how to love, how to work things out, how to raise our girls (up to this point), how to cook and bake well, we’ve had my family come visit us, we’ve had youth group here,  and all kinds of house guests.  We’ve had any kind of meal you can think of, with all sorts of people.

We are officially GOING!  This IS the next phase of our lives, it’s hard to believe, but I think I can say we’re pretty excited.  People have prayed with us several times this week, had us in their homes for meals… We are so so sooooo grateful for the people who are behind us, who love us, who are praying for us, and who are being used by God to send us out in every way possible