not the deer we saw, but u get the idea

not the deer we saw, but u get the idea

Living in Missouri there has been an abundance of deer to excite Ava’s fancy :).  We would be driving home from anywhere really and Ava would say “Daddy, can we go find some deer?!” and we would go circle around the big field looking for deer… usually finding some.

Here in Florida we were driving home the other night and Ava said “daddy, can we find some deer?”  and we both said sadly “no Ava, there isn’t really deer for us to find here in Florida, it’s pretty rare”

Well last night we pulled into the driveway, and there standing in the yard was a big deer, and we said “wow Ava… God really wanted to bless you by sending you a deer like that!”

That’s what we feel like right now, God is so clearly directing us and so clearly blessing us.  

Right now our time is taken up by simply connecting with people, and investing in relationships.  Ministry partnership development is not about getting money out of people.  I have been told that, but now I’m experiencing it.

In the week and a half we’ve been here, God is bringing us people that simply just need to be listened to and loved, he’s brought us people that have a burden for our ministry and want to support us, he’s burdened people to pray for us.  With other people, we are just keeping up relationships.  This thing we’re doing… bringing God’s word to a people that doesn’t have his word in their language, it’s relationship centered, it’s time consuming, it requires God’s work in our own lives to be done.  How could we go about putting together a financial and prayer ministry team who is burdened and has a desire to support this ministry if we do not first have the heart to minister to others?  It can’t be done strictly in a business like way…  it requires time, it requires relationship, it requires the Spirit of God moving.