It’s been almost 3 weeks since we arrived in Florida yet so much has happened that’s worth telling you about!

On our way down from Missouri to Florida we were asked if we would consider speaking at a church in Georgia on our way back through.  The next day we arrived in Florida and two hours later were speaking to a group of 30 people about what God’s been teaching us and where He’s taking us.  Our goal for the summer is basically just reconnecting with people.  This makes for very busy weeks full of interaction and prayer with those who love and support us. We are loving seeing God work in other’s hearts and in our own hearts as well.

 The first Sunday we were back we attended our home/sending church, Calvary Chapel Space Coast.

We’ve been praying for over a year now for what God would have us do there, whether to stay and see if they grow into a more solid body or to look for a different church to be our sending church. Well God answered that prayer the very first Sunday we were back. The leadership told us they we’re not equipped to be our sending church at this time, they are just starting to develop as a new church and are seeing the need to focus on their own body of believers for now. We agreed with them, and also felt that our directions were no longer the same. WOW! Praise the Lord for clear direction.  God was clearly at work in that situation, and we are so thankful! Our relationship with Calvary Chapel Space Coast has not ended, we desire to keep in contact and continue relationships with the people we know and love there.


Our search is not for a church, but for God’s direction. We truly believe God has a specific place for us. As we have shared with most of you before the theme of our missionary adventures is that we are following God wherever He leads us, one step at a time. We are seeking wise counsel during this time and are thankful for those seasoned people in our lives that we can go to for wisdom.

 Pray that God would continue blessing us with clear direction, and faith to trust Him wherever He leads and however long it takes.