It was Penny’s 2nd Birthday today… Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe she has been in our lives for 2 years already. I remember thinking she was going to be a boy and when she was born and TJ said… “It’s a girl!!!” I was so surprised, yes so blessed at the same time… She felt like such a gift to me, and has always felt that way. She is such a joy in my life, always smiling, and telling us stories in her cute little voice. She loves her baby dolls, Ava, playing outside, she’s good at sharing!   She doesn’t like sitting in one place for too long.  She say “Bless uuu” When you sneeze, when she want to get your attention she says “hey, hey hey hey!”  Right now her favorite person is her little baby cousin Amelie, she has named all of her baby dolls after her, so if we ask what one of  her 5 baby’s name is, it’s always Amelie!  She always talks about her cousins and makes sure to pray for them at night.  When we’re praying for a meal, she always joins in on the prayer, when finished praying she throws both arms in the air and say “Amen!”

I Love you Penny, and I LOVE being your mom!



The day my Penny was born

















Penny’s first Birthday   






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Happy Birthday!











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cake made out of watermelon :)

cake made out of watermelon 🙂

her new dress... I LOVE this baby!

her new dress… I LOVE this baby!

rides around the yard with all the cousins

rides around the yard with all the cousins

She got a stroller for her baby

She got a stroller for her baby