Guess what we’ve been doing???


That’s right… we’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing!

I am writing you from Cocoa, Florida.  Back in December, when we were planning to come to Florida, we felt like God was asking us to rest for 2 months.  Don’t make big plans, don’t meet with too many people, don’t work too much, JUST rest.  And to be honest it’s been hard.  We felt like when we left Missouri, and all the people we experienced the loss of our baby with, that we would be able to move on.  That these two months would end and we would be okay to just live normal lives again.  And yes living normal life is necessary, but the pain of losing of our baby hasn’t lessened like we thought it would.  But oddly enough… we’re grateful… because it’s a constant reminder that He is our sustainer, He is our strength, He is our source of light and truth.  He is our guide, He is our redeemer, He is our love, and He has asked us to hurt so that we can comfort the hurting, so far it’s a hard job, but if this is the way we can be most effective for his Kingdom, then I want this!

So you’re probably wondering, What HAVE we really been doing?!

Well… We became members at Sovereign Grace Church (insert WOOOOHOOOOO)  They have announced that they will officially be our sending Church.  We are so blessed to have Sovereign Grace and Auberry Community behind us as our sending Churches.  They are both passionate about what we’re going to be doing and we are truly an extension of these Churches and couldn’t do this without them behind us!


We have been living behind TJ’s parent’s house in a travel trailer, often eating with the whole family, which has been so great and a huge ministry to me to have so many meals cooked for me (Thank you Lori)  :).  TJ has been doing odd jobs in the yard, and working on little projects here and there.  We’ve been spending lots of time with good friends and family.  God is good to have asked us to rest… we needed it!

March 3rd we will begin our trek across the US to California.  1st stop: Texas, 2nd stop: Phoenix, 3rd stop: Southern California… Final Destination: FRESNO/Auberry California!

We’ll be in Fresno for about 6 months, building relationships with people in Auberry Community Church, where I grew up… where I’m proud to call home!


Ava doing pre-school 

Ava working on her Pre-School     Rides around the yard with daddy



As of February 1st we are officially members with NTM.  This is a faith based mission which means we are financially supported only by individuals and churches.  I am not going to make a habit of asking you to support us financially, but I want to give you information so you at least have the option.  All donations are tax deductible.  We definitely appreciate one-time gifts, but need monthly commitments because of the nature of our long-term ministry. In fact we are putting most of our one-time gifts into a “set up cost” savings fund.

Our main prayer is that God would burden the hearts of people to be a part of our ministry, so PLEASE pray and ask God if this is something He wants you to be a part of.  He made our involvement in this ministry clear and I believe He will make it clear to you!

Below is a description of where all our money will be going and what we will need, This is recommended support, but we are able to change different areas if need be. If you have any questions whatsoever please ask and we will do our best to explain.
Serving Him,
TJ, Lily, Ava & Penny Shropshire

Living Expenses $475.00 – groceries, toiletries, clothing, household supplies.
Transportation  $200.00 – daily travel costs.
Miscellaneous  $475.00 – any normal personal living expenses… life insurance, savings, vacation, cell phone, gifts and extra things.
Education $150.00 – Children education or adult education related to ministry.
Tithe $512.00 – charitable giving.
Housing $500.00 – Parsonage expenses including rent, utilities; electric and head, water and sewer, internet and local phone.
Salary Sub-Total  $2,312.00

Tax $467.00 
– estimated taxes on personal expenses
Retirement $300.00 – NTM encourages you to save for retirement
Medical $1,026.00 – Medical Insurance and deductible for our family.
Benefits Sub-Total $1,793.00

Administration $171.00 – Voucher fees, Liability Fund, Postage & envelopes (for the home office.)
Communication $110.00 – Email, website, newsletters, thank you’s, promotional materials (prayer cards, dossier booklets, power-point/ video presentation, etc.), postage.
Equipment $130.00 – Equipment such as computers, cameras, & printers needs to be depreciated over a five year period.
Office Supplies $15.00 – Paper, ink, Rent, electric, and any other costs associated with operating a ministry office.
Travel $250.00 – Regular ministry travel on the field of service that would NOT be considered normal daily commuting or regular travel in the US.
Misc. Ministry $40.00 – House Help (giving a good testimony for ministry), Family field conference charges, promotional materials for donors, professional certificates, and more.
Legal $26.00 – Fees for documents or permits required to work on assigned field.
Furlough $170.00 – Expenses for us to return to sending country to update our donors.
Team Expense $100.00 – Ministry Expenses incurred to plant a church (Medical Care, Training Workshops, Language or Translation Helper, Team vehicle, Teaching Materials, Literacy, Lesson & Translation printing, Airstrip Building & Maintenance, Other team expenses.)
Ministry Sub-Total $1,012.00

West Africa Recommended Monthly Support Totals: $5,117.00

EFT  (Electronic Funds Transfer) Form to print out