We just made it to 93% of our recommended support, which is so exciting.  We have been praying that God would provide 100% of our recommended support and we just keep praying that God will burden hearts for our ministry.


Well, we just sent out our first round of paper newsletters to all our supporters, which ended up being about 90 letters total.  We were trying to get out the door in time to get to the post office before it closed. It was Saturday. When we got to our local little post office, it was 15 minutes past closing time, so we had to proceed to the next post office down the road which is a little bigger.  As I walked in with my huge stack of letters a man asks me “what are all those letters for?!”  I tell him that we’re missionaries and we’re sending out newsletters, and so he asks me a few more questions seeming very interested. The lady behind me says “Amen!” and that she has 2 nieces in Africa where she supports them each $1,000 (of course TJ and I are like…. WOW!!!!), and then another guy in front of me says, he’s from teen missions and actually knows people we know.  So back to the first guy, he proceeds to tell me that God called him to start his business so that he could give away the money to missionaries, he talked about how God has really blessed it, and that his gift is giving.  I needed to talk to the teller, but TJ continued to talk with him, and here he’s saying that he is interested in partnering with us, and lives in the same town we stay in and would like to meet with us to talk more and see what God does.

Does this happen to other people?  I know that nothing has happened yet, but I just can’t help but feel like it was a supernaturally ordained meeting.  If we had made it to the other post office on time, we would not have met this man, and it’s just a good reminder that God has set apart every person HE would have on our support team.  I love it… God is so good, and kind!

And what’s with Post Offices and God ordained meetings?!  This has happened before!

My mom is here to visit this week :)  We are all ecstatic

My mom is here to visit this week 🙂 We are all ecstatic