Thank you for praying so earnestly and for coming together with us and going to God on behalf of us, we have so many around who we mutually love and care for, TJ and I are blessed beyond measure!

I had my HCG levels checked yesterday, and they only rose to 21,000 so that was barely a rise.  That was from 19,000 the week before, it’s supposed to double every few days, so we are feeling more certain that this is going to end in miscarriage… and hopefully we will understand one day why this has happened and how it fits into God’s plan.

Based on everything God has done and how he has lead us it is difficult to make sense, but we are just finite and have limited knowledge.  As you continue to pray, please pray that if this baby is gone that he/she would pass soon.

When we arrived into this pregnancy, we walked forward in freedom trusting him, and so we’ll have to walk forward trusting him now too.

Thank you!