We have been here another week.

This week TJ’s sister and her husband went on a cruise and we have had the pleasure of house sitting for them. It has been really nice to have a little more room for the girls to run around compared to the travel trailer we’ve been staying in. We will head back to the trailer in a couple days and we will be thankful for a place to stay :-).

I am grateful for our close friends, a specific two. They ask us how we’re doing and make sure we feel free to share with them in our experiences and hardships. I am grateful to these specific friends for reaching out to us and being willing to love us when we need to be loved. They offer us a place of peace to just be, or a place to talk or a place to laugh. To us, this means more than they know. I love that they were intuitive enough to know we needed something even if they were not sure what it was. They weren’t afraid to reach out and let us know that they weren’t afraid to experience pain with us, or to walk with us in any way we needed. And once again I am thankful to God for such amazing friends who love us and care for us. I pray that I can be the friend someone needs me to be in the future and as loving and intuitive as our friends are to us!!

On another note:
Right now by God’s grace, we have a place to move in to, but it will not be available until shortly after thanksgiving. I am really excited because it’s pretty much exactly the location we wanted to be in! And after asking around, we pretty much have all the furniture we are going to need!! Praise the Lord!!