As we wait to move into our house I have decided I need a project to keep my mind occupied instead of just “waiting”, and so I’ve decided to make all of my own ornaments for my Christmas tree this year. It’s a burlap/natural themed tree. I have all my necessary materials and have been working away. We have several different kinds of yarn and twine ornaments, pine cones with burlap bows and wood stained snow flakes made out of clothes pins, I can’t wait to decorate my tree!!

TJ has been preparing for deer hunting, he’s been building deer stands and getting guns ready. He finally got to go hunting the other day for the first time here in Florida, and got a deer!! We’ve been busy processing venison, and I am so grateful to be putting meat in our freezer! Thank you God for providing!

Yesterday while at our little table, eating breakfast in our little trailer, Ava said “I am so glad we’re in here together, just our family”. Even though I am ready to move into a “home”(in a little over a week) I am so grateful for this little abode and place of transition where we CAN just be our family. I can definitely see that our girls thrive off of family time and consistency. The fact that we can get up every morning and eat breakfast together as a family and then move on with our day is a big deal!

This thanksgiving week I am thankful for God who provides, for family who supports us, for our family of 4 and that we get to travel the world together and preach the gospel to the nations. I am grateful for amazing friends, for all our gracious supporters who are giving to spread the gospel, I am grateful for those who pray for us! God has truly blessed us!