This week I truly have felt full of thankfulness. I LOVE my family, my little unit of 4, and more than ever I can feel they each one is a true gift from the Lord!!
And no matter how much I struggle or miss my family, no matter how much I deeply desire a home to make our own, God is still God and he is still faithful. At the same time I realize that today I don’t have to know what tomorrow holds, I don’t have to “wait” for what I want (a home mainly). I can live for today and seek to glorify God in what I am doing right now. I am thankful for a supportive husband and a couple great daughters. God is good

The last couple days I have been making appetizers for our church Christmas party. I have finished making 200 potstickers and have made about 200 bacon wrapped and chili glazed water chestnuts. I am excited that I get to be involved in this event and finally be apart of serving my church, I look forward to how I can serve more in the future!!
Now off to finish cooking my appetizers.